Mitsubishi Grendia FD100-160AN1

Designed to deliver powerful performance and high levels of operator comfort, the Mitsubishi Grendia FD100N-160AN1 series is available in five models with capacities ranging from 10 to 16 tonnes.
The FD100-160AN1 is powered by a Perkins 1204E electronically-managed diesel engine. Featuring dual turbochargers, the four-cylinder engine allows for controlled, powerful acceleration, providing an abundance of low-speed torque. The engine drives through a power shift transmission that provides three speeds in forward and reverse. Access to the engine for checks and maintenance is extremely easy. Opening a single cover behind the cab allows access to all major components.
Although it may look intimidating to some, operating the FD160AN1 is an absolute pleasure. The fully enclosed cabin not only shields operators from the elements but has heating, variable temperature air-con, heated rear window for humid days and front and back windscreen wipers and washers.
Finger tip controls allow for precise and smooth movement of the mast, while a premium display panel provides the operator with important information about the status of the forklift. An adjustable full-suspension seat offers support to operators of all sizes, while the cabin’s forward position allows for exceptional vision over the forks.
As is the case with all Mitsubishi forklift trucks, safety is always of primary concern. The FD100N-160AN1 is fitted with Mitsubishi’s Integrated Presence System (IPS) switch linked to the seatbelt, which locks out all of the truck’s functions unless the driver is correctly sitting on the seat with the seatbelt fastened.
What’s most impressive about the FD100-160AN1 is that the truck does exactly what it’s designed to do. The combination of the ergonomically designed controls and the brilliant Perkins 1204E engine put this impressive truck from Mitsubishi well ahead of the competition.
Key applications of the FD100N-160AN1 include the movement and transportation of shipping containers, timber, concrete and stone products, heavy duty industrial and building materials/machinery, and steel coils and pipes.
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