Pilotless drones for sorting centre

Prime Competence and Unmanned Life have announced that they have started the pilot deployment of the world’s first autonomous drone-based sorting centre for a major European post.
Drones are once again at the top of the news in e-commerce, but this time not for postal delivery. Prime Competence will provide overall program management, process auditing, technology assessments combined with Unmanned Life’s multi-patent pending innovative solution of a fully autonomous drone fleet, managed through a SaaS platform over the cloud.
This initiative will introduce a combination of drones and autonomous ground vehicles to be used indoors for postal sorting. The Dutch and British companies are attacking the booming e-commerce market at its weakest point: making sure that sorting capacity and delivery go as fast as the consumer buys online. They expect that, at the end of the pilot initiative, it will be demonstrated that autonomous drones can rapidly and accurately perform the sorting at a higher throughput and lower cost per sorted unit than the current industry standard.
Autonomous drones are controlled by software so there is no need to recruit, train and manage pilots. Software-controlled drones are claimed to be safer, more reliable and offer an on-demand scalable solution at a much lower cost.

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