Three wheel, battery-electric forklift released

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has released the new three-wheel battery-electric 8FBE counterbalance forklift.
The forklifts have anti-roll back features, a tighter turning circle, and a low mast height to allow easier container loading. They also have a long battery life.
 The 8FBE is the smallest counterbalance forklift in the company’s range, providing enhanced maneuverability, efficiency, and safety standards.
New motors and controllers in the forklift increase operating time in standard mode compared with the previous Toyota 7FBE model.
Improvements made to the System of Active Stability (SAS) include new Automatic Vehicle-Speed Control that manages the forklift’s speed, acceleration and deceleration according to lift height and load weight, assisting with stability in transporting loads and preventing lost loads.
New Automatic Turn-Speed Control regulates the forklift’s turning speed according to lift height and weight as well as desired turning radius, providing stable turning, and reducing the chance of a vehicle tip-over.

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