How choosing the right weigh scale can save you money

The importance of weighing scales for logistics companies cannot be overemphasised – while accuracy helps in preventing accidents, it also means companies escape hefty penalties for breaking the law.
Truck scales at weighbridges are made of rugged design and manufactured to high standards. These are usually mounted on concrete platforms to protect the equipment from damage by heavy loads.
The scales come with robust sensors that read and record the weight of trucks on different axles. Thanks to a number of advanced features, scales can make accurate measurements for dependable calculations. The following are examples:

  • Output displays – a large ergonomic screen that displays the reading from the scales
  • Sensors – laid on the truck road to obtain readings of a truck. These prevent damage to the trucks.
  • Processor – collects the information from sensors to calculate accurate weights at all levels of weighing

New technology scales at weighbridges have thin electronic cells. Drivers should drive the trucks over these cells for weighing. Next, a computer takes the output of the cells and calculates the total weight of the truck. For most industrial processes, the new technology weighs vehicles when empty and again when loaded.
If you believe that your current truck scales are not accurate enough, it might be an idea to invest in some new units; ones that can be custom-integrated with professional calibration services to guarantee proper reading of weights.
The new scales are made of steel and concrete construction, and are robust, which is claimed to enhance durability. Two of the most robust designs are the heavy-duty wheel weighing machine and portable axle scale. The latter can even be placed on dirt surface.
Truck scales are customised to integrate professional calibration services and offer accurate results. This ensures that weighbridges consistently deliver accurate and reliable results.
Accuracy is important for the success of logistics and trucking companies. Weighbridge truck scales introduce the efficiency and accuracy of computer technology, which reduces the time needed to weigh trucks and loads.
Additionally, these systems have large internal memories to hold truckload information. The information is vital for owners and managers to make decisions. This way, optimising logistics one load after the other is easier and takes less time. Increased efficiency reduces commonplace delays in weighing and shipment of goods.
Weighbridge truck scales are important parts of any company that deals with movement of loads. While these are valuable in logistics, they are equally useful in agriculture and mining industries. For this reason, companies need to ensure that they settle on the best options that best suit their business.
People in the logistics and shipping industries can benefit. Others that can take advantage include those in the production of electrical equipment, bulk powder, household goods, agricultural produce and mining industries.

Logistics and shipping industries the world over witness the passing of numerous loads through warehouses and ports for measurement. Weighbridges therefore facilitate the accurate recording through a variety of scales.
These are either pit- or surface-mounted scales, depending on the application and location. All scale applications for vehicles can benefit from weighbridge scales that have been tested for performance.
For example, state-of-the-art accessories can be paired with any weighbridge. Additionally, your company can take advantage of software and indicators, effectively increasing the comprehensiveness of data management.
Many truck scale providers and vendors operate from various locations around the world. This in turn guarantees the ideal weighbridge for your company trucks. You can save thousands of dollars since the use of efficient weighbridge scales avoids costly fees. For example, authorities will fine a company for flouting transport and loading regulations.
Individuals and organisations in the mining and farming sectors can also draw huge benefits. While there are few existing weight measurement strategies dedicated to these industries, the only available option is to borrow ideas from the transportation and logistics counterparts.
Even with new technology, choosing the best truck scale providers can prove to be a daunting task. While many exist in the market, it is difficult to tell fraudsters from honest vendors. Let the professionals hook you up with scales that can be placed efficiently on your truck trails to record accurate readings and attain your specific objectives. As you save costs associated with cheating and fines at the weighbridges, your company stays out of trouble with the law.

  • Kevin Hill heads up the marketing efforts and provides technical expertise to the sales and service teams at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, California.

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