Western Sydney Airport to begin operations by 2026

The Turnbull Government has provided a ‘Notice of Intention’ to Sydney Airport Group, setting out the formal contractual terms for Sydney Airport Group to develop and operate Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.
Under the contract, Sydney Airport Group would be required to build the airport to the required standard including a 3,700 metre runway and a terminal with capacity for 10 million passengers a year. It sets out key milestones, with earth moving works to commence by late 2018 and airport operations to commence by 2026.
“2016 has been a critical year for getting the essential regulatory and contractual preconditions in place for delivery of Western Sydney Airport,” said Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher.
As part of Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport being privatised in 2002, Sydney Airport Group was granted a Right of First Refusal to build and operate Western Sydney Airport.
The Notice of Intention specifies the Commonwealth’s terms for developing and operating the Western Sydney Airport ­– if Sydney Airport Group accepts the Notice of Intention these will be the terms of the contract between the Commonwealth and Sydney Airport Group governing the construction and operation of Western Sydney Airport.
All of the costs of building and operating the airport would be met by Sydney Airport Group in return for all of the economic benefits of ownership of the airport over 99 years.
Should Sydney Airport Group choose to decline the opportunity to build and operate Western Sydney Airport, the Government will be free to develop and operate the airport itself, or to offer the opportunity to other private sector companies on substantially the same terms as those offered to Sydney Airport Group.

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