DHL partners with Amazon’s Alexa for parcel tracking

DHL Parcel is expanding its customer service to include a new voice-activated information service. DHL customers can now query Amazon’s digital smart speaker ‘Alexa’ for information on their parcel’s current whereabouts.
By activating Alexa’s DHL Parcel ‘skill’ via the Alexa app, users can ask their Amazon Echo or Echo Dot smart speaker to provide information on their shipment status, for example: “Alexa, ask DHL where my parcel is.” The voice-controlled interaction with Alexa is part of a DHL Parcel’s service strategy to improve customer experience. “The goal here is to make it quick and easy for every customer to receive an answer to his or her question at any time,” DHL said in a statement.
Michaela Lukas, head of DHL Parcel’s customer service for private customers said, “We want to continually expand and improve service levels for our customers, so of course we’re going to take a close look at any new and innovative technologies available.
“As an innovation leader in the industry, this is the standard we set for ourselves. Voice-enabled technologies, including hands-free interaction with online apps, will become more and more prevalent in the future.”
DHL will use user feedback to update the service later in the year.

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