Lift more than your game!

Vaculex Vacuum Tube Lifters make your workload physically easier.  With leading and advanced vacuum technology, these devices are built to increase efficiencies, ergonomics and safety within a workplace.
Dangerous and repetitious manual handling can be concerning.  Not only is there a high risk of worker injury, but it could have huge costs in productivity and workplace moral.  Vaculex products are known for reducing safety risks, improving working environments and increasing operator capabilities.

The flexibility of these devices is what makes them incredibly unique.  They can virtually overcome a number of physical constraints and can be customised to any organisational requirements. From general purpose vacuum lifting, to rapid unloading and loading, to modular systems adapted to suit certain processes, there are a number of solutions available to help improve your occupation Health and Safety standards.
Vaculex makes lifting and monotonous jobs easier!  Working pace is increased and installation is extremely simple.  Any employee can use these devices with minimal training.  We provide help with this and can have you operating correctly in no time.

We have developed a number of solutions that have solved handling situations in Airports, Carrier Terminals, Distribution Centres and a number of Production facilities.  We have a number of lifting aids for loads up to 250kg, including:

  • Vaculex ML – general purpose lifting;loads up to 55kg.
  • Vaculex TL – lifting of sacks up to 50kg.
  • Vaculex TP – rapid materials handling; loads up to 65kg.
  • Vaculex VL – general purpose lifting; loads 30-250kg.
  • Vaculex ParceLift – rapid loading/unloading of containers; loads up to 40kg.
  • Customised Vaculex Solutions, and
  • Airport Baggage handling solutions.

For more information or to customise a lifting solution to your requirements, please free call Materials Handling on 1300 305 710 or peruse our Vaculex range:

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