What’s important on the waterfront

In view of the escalating costs experienced on the waterfront, Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) has submitted container transport logistics-specific views to the Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities.
The CTAA Submission has highlighted to the inquiry:

  • The changing nature of the cost-base in the container logistics chain, with the implementation of broader and higher infrastructure surcharges levied by stevedores, competitive stevedoring rates for shipping lines through greater container terminal competition, yet no corresponding reduction in terminal handling charges (THC) levied by shipping lines on beneficial cargo owners. CTAA has recommended that the ‘disconnect’ between these various charges be investigated by the Productivity Commission.
  • The changing nature of the geographical location of container transport logistics activity, the mismatch of operating hours across the chain (and other aspects that impact on efficiencies and productivity); and the impact of urban encroachment and inner-city urban renewal leading to resident community / freight conflicts.
  • The impact of toll road fees in container freight costs that aren’t always matched with commensurate productivity savings.
  • A call for the National Strategy to recommend regulation to mandate the provision of EDI information by shipping lines to all parties in the chain, including to empty container parks.
  • The establishment of objective, independent monitoring of productivity measurements at key interfaces in the container transport logistics chain, including the stevedore and empty container park interfaces.
  • Road and rail productivity, connectivity and technology – increased access for higher productivity freight vehicles (HPFV); policies that promote synergies between road, rail and intermodal operations, not a ‘road vs. rail’ mentality; and the embracement of inventiveness within industry.
  • Road and rail access pricing structures that are fair and equitable.

A copy of the CTAA Submission can be downloaded here.

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