How to find a competitive advantage in your supply chain

As markets and business goals change, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to find a competitive advantage in their supply chain. Strategies that worked yesterday may no longer be right for today’s landscape.
When trying to optimise their competitive advantage in the supply chain, all too often businesses make the mistake of focusing on cost reduction without considering the value of seeking out more sustainable cost reductions through efficiencies.
Optimising your supply chain is not just about finding the cheapest supplier. What can be more important is developing innovative strategies, improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk while offering solutions that span the entire supply chain. One such strategy would be to consider whether supply chain, logistics, warehouse or transport outsourcing is appropriate for your business model.
But beyond simply identifying the right strategies is the successful implementation of these strategies to help businesses keep pace with the rapidly changing global landscape; this is where the real competitive advantage can be found.
For many consulting firms the key objective is to recommend change, however most consultants walk away at this point, when the hard part is about to begin. Setting strategies is typically a much easier task than executing them.
This is what differentiates Macquarie Consulting. We can set strategies and we’re not afraid to execute them. At Macquarie Consulting, we work with clients to identify smarter operational strategies with realistic and commercially viable and sustainable recommendations.
We evaluate existing supply chain structures and networks for efficiency and effectiveness, and we evaluate costs. We then provide an optimal mix of strategies, and if required, provide specialist support and methodologies throughout implementation. We can manage tenders, from requests through to shortlisting, negotiating, testing and implementing, including ongoing KPI monitoring.

Macquarie Consulting can drive supply chain efficiency in any business looking to streamline costs via longer-term sustainable efficiencies rather than the adage of cost reduction, which offers only a short-term solution.
We have extensive experience working with major retailers, transport, manufacturing and industrial companies, offering advice from domestic supply chain and transport operations to overseas manufacturing and sourcing strategies. The partners of the firm have substantial experience working with global companies that have complex operations. Our experience tells us that, often, the bigger the ship the harder they are to steer and implement change. With successful implementation of various overseas projects, Macquarie Consulting can handle significant change management programs.
Our key services:

  • Domestic and global supply chain review and recommendations
  • Contract preparation and negotiations
  • Key Performance Indicator development and benchmarking
  • Logistics and change management methodology
  • Senior management communication strategies
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Supply chain audits

Trending for Macquarie Services in 2017

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Setting and delivering KPIs
  • RFP/RFIs (transport tenders)
  • Transition support
  • Documenting SOPs

Macquarie Consulting is committed to working with clients to help transform their supply chain capabilities by combining global industry experience and supply chain strategy skills. For more information, contact:
Shane Hafiz
General Manager
M: 0411 342 242
Macquarie Consulting.
Supply Chain Solutions & Operations Strategy
ABN – 33 097 215 757

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