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Through his career in the logistics industry, Logistics Bureau CEO Rob O’Byrne witnessed major changes and various change management strategies, each with varying degrees of success, he told Logistics & Materials Handling.

From year to year, even from day to day – there is so much changing,” he said. “The technological advances that have been achieved are nothing short of impressive, but they can only effective if companies have capable, informed teams in place.”

He notes that a challenge facing all modern logistics managers is keeping teams up to date.

“In the fast-paced world of 21st century supply chains, that can be a real struggle,” O’Byrne added. “Management must strike a balance between keeping employees on top of day-to-day operations whilst still ensuring they have access to sources of new knowledge.”

He acknowledges that modern  businesses are bombarded with conferences and online training offerings, though it can be hard to translate the knowledge gained through them into actionable activities and quantifiable business benefits.

Three years ago, O’Byrne decided that the best way to address this need for knowledge that can be gained and applied in short order would be to develop a dedicated supply chain management event, which would draw on the expertise of dozens of industry experts and enable sharing through small group coaching sessions.

Last year, his vision became a reality and ‘Supply Chain Leaders Insights’ launched. Feedback from that first event, which took place in Sydney, showed that the model needed to be expanded across Australia.

“Last year, our delegates called for the event to run in all capital cities in future, and it’s something we’re working towards,” said O’Byrne. “For 2017, we have expanded to Melbourne, so on 17 October, it will run in Melbourne, and on 19 October, it will run in Sydney.”

O’Byrne has a passion for bringing “effective and actionable” supply chain education to a broader audience, and the event represents part of the logistics management consultancy’s ‘give back’ programme to the industry – all ticket sales go to charity, on the day.

“After our first event, last year, delegates got in touch to let us know that they were blown away by the content packed into the day, and enjoyed the format – focused groups, ample networking times and opportunities to brainstorm,” added O’Byrne. “They appreciated the value of moving from a presentation-style learning session to a much more interactive, personal and flexible style.”

Over 200 delegates are expected to attend the full-day sessions of coaching, sharing and networking in Melbourne and Sydney next month.

Tickets cost $57 using the promo code ‘LMH’ – with all ticket sale proceeds going to charity on the day, to six worthy charities chosen by the delegates.

“Participants will be able to choose the sessions that best suit their needs from 20 running concurrently throughout the event,” added O’Byrne. The one-hour sessions will be a blend of teaching, coaching and Q&A and delegates will gain from new knowledge and valuable networking opportunities.”

Find out more about the event, book tickets and see videos from last year at the Supply Chain Leaders Insights website.

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