Small online retailers expect to grow their business with Amazon

With the arrival of Amazon causing heated debate among industry experts and retailers alike, new research from parcel delivery service CouriersPlease reveals smaller online retailers are more likely to welcome the e-commerce giant than larger online retail businesses, and see it as an opportunity to grow their business.
CouriersPlease conducted a survey among its online retailer customers to gauge sentiment about the arrival of Amazon.
Of the 193 online retailers who took part in the survey, more than 59 per cent see Amazon’s arrival as an opportunity to grow their business to Australian and international customers. The percentage consistently increased the smaller the size of the business: 62 per cent of micro businesses, 56 per cent of small businesses, 53 per cent of medium-sized businesses, and 33 per cent of large businesses would welcome Amazon.
The survey also revealed that 63 per cent of online retailers – and 74 per cent of small online retailers – believe Amazon will not compete with their business.
Attitudes among online retailers, however, are in stark contrast to shopper behaviour. CouriersPlease research in June found that 90 per cent of Australian online shoppers admitted they would purchase from Amazon if it fulfils its promise to deliver low prices, vast selection and fast delivery.
“Amazon is a disrupter and it’s likely that its arrival will change not only the retail sector, but also the logistics industry,” said Mark McGinley, CEO, CouriersPlease. “Like every disruptor in the market, Amazon is customer-focused and local businesses wanting to compete will need to look at how they can add value to the customer. There is no doubt that the competition will make us all better at what we do.
“Australian online shoppers have told us that they will redirect their purchases to Amazon if it can deliver more of what customers want. It’s no surprise that smaller online sellers see Amazon as a partnership opportunity, to enable them to reach more local and overseas customers.”

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