Supply-chain education "essential" for business performance

It’s well recognised that appropriate ongoing education is essential for business success and the field of supply chain is certainly no exception, explained Rob O’Byrne, CEO and Founder of the Logistics Bureau Group. Without a working knowledge of some of the more advanced supply-chain management tools and techniques, performance really suffers, he added – and many of these tools and techniques are rarely if ever formally taught.
Every year, Logistics Bureau provides free, mini education programs to hundreds of people to help fill knowledge gaps.
“Continually seeking out new knowledge and further education has been essential to my own personal and business success,” said O’Byrne. “Without key mentors in my life I would not be where I am now, and on average, I spend at least 10 days a year attending a broad range of knowledge building programs, as well as a lot of online consumption.
“But many others don’t have the luxury of time that I have. Sadly though, that old proverb that knowledge is power has never been so true. So, we are always looking at ways of sharing knowledge.”
In his management consulting work, O’Byrne sees a lack of essential supply chain knowledge on a day-to-day basis, knowledge that he notes could easily boost personal, team and overall business performance. “We always try to fill these knowledge gaps during our client assignments as a by-product,” he said.
“Helping to fill these knowledge gaps in our broader industry is the main reason behind our free supply chain seminar series that we’ve been providing for almost 20 years. As well as a pleasant way to catch up with colleagues and friends, and provide some good industry networking, it’s a chance to share some practical and essential tips on boosting team and business performance.
“We genuinely enjoy sharing the things that are not taught within formal programs – the kind of things that would normally take decades of experience to work out.”
In early 2018, Logistics Bureau will be expanding its seminar series to enable more industry executives to attend – rather than just breakfast seminars, lunch and dinner events will also form part of the program.
“We’re not all ‘breakfast people’ so I’m looking forward to meeting many more industry colleagues as well as HR and training managers during 2018,” O’Byrne added.
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