Toll starts 2018 with strong safety message

Transport and logistics company Toll Group has revealed details of its plan to place safety culture at the centre of its operations.
Michael Byrne, Managing Director of Toll Group, noted that every person has a duty to others to stay safe, in all facets of life.
“Every leader and every individual has an obligation to themselves, their family, their friends, their colleagues and their business, like Toll, to be safe,” he said. “To do this, we need to get uncomfortable and to ask the tough questions about behaviours and processes, and ask again. Life is precious and fragile, and we need to protect our people and communities every day.”
Byrne added that the ‘zero-tolerance’ safety message will be shared across Toll’s various business operations.
“We are a business that spans countries, cultures and climates; we have multiple operations, across diverse sectors, from mining to retail, and we carry large-scale assets including ships and planes, but safety is common to all of us and a non-negotiable,” he said.
Recently appointed Group General Manager – Health, Safety and Environment, Richard Turner, echoed Byrne, noting that each individual in the company is responsible for fostering its safety culture.
“Good leaders are visible and actively demonstrate and lead a strong safety culture,” he said. “Toll leadership is committed to developing a culture that empowers individual ownership of safety at all levels of the organisation.
“Part of my role is to get every single person thinking about how they can embed safety in their daily behaviours, and the help create a high-performance safety culture where people have the courage to speak up when it comes to safety.”

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