Alert employees before accidents happen!

Two thirds of workplace fatalities are caused when employees are struck by incoming forklifts. Many of these accidents can be completely avoided by alerting employees and traffic of approaching danger.
Look Out Collision Awareness Sensors ensures safety procedures in your workplace are improved and that exposure to potential dangerous collisions are reduced.  These systems are designed to monitor forklift traffic and alert other parties who may be just around the corner.  No matter the application, Collision Awareness is ready to help.

The range is incredibly huge.  With over 40 different configurations, there are a variety of sensors available to help you make the right decision for your workplace.  Our selection includes:

  • Look Out Rack and Corner Mounted Sensors
  • Look Out Ceiling Suspended Sensors
  • Look Out Office Door Monitor
  • Look Out Hall-Door Monitor
  • Look Out Overhead Door Monitor
  • Look Out Overhead Hazard Sensors
  • Look Out Dock Watchers
  • Look Out Dock Door Monitors

Additional features including audible alarms, remote sensors and our pulsating floor burst light create even more awareness to ensure you’re protecting your most valuable assets.  Constructed with state-of-the-art technology, you can rely on Look Out Collision Awareness to be your eyes and ears in any working environment.  The reputation behind this brand has proven it provides the best intersection protection money can buy!

Not sure on how these systems can suit your warehouse or facility? Contact us today and we can provide a complete warehouse configuration and show how these sensors can fit neatly into your organisation.  These units are also a perfect addition to our Flex Impact Barrier Systems.
To learn more about the entire Look Out Collision Awareness range, please free call Materials Handling on 1300 305 710 or peruse our Vaculex range:

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