Linfox heralds autonomous vehicle benefits

According to transport and logistics company Linfox, autonomous vehicles need to be considered in order for Australian companies to meet future demand safely.
In the Linfox Solutions publication, Oliver Needham, Group Manager – Innovation and Operations Development, Linfox, said that autonomous vehicles address a range of key transport issues including safety, efficiency, lower costs and emissions.
“Ninety per cent of all road traffic accidents are caused by driver error,” said Needham.
“In theory, self-driving vehicles equipped with advanced sensors, spatial imaging software and avoidance algorithms can constantly monitor and adapt to traffic and weather conditions and avoid obstacles more effectively than a human.”
According to Needham, autonomous vehicles can also compensate for driver’s lack of attention, improve mileage through better aerodynamics and could help attract younger drivers.
“Linfox already has a level of automation in its fleet,” Needham said.
“While exact configurations depend on customer requirements, Linfox’s newer trucks include lane departure warning systems and autonomous emergency braking systems.
“Fully autonomous vehicles are expected to be on our roads in the next decade, but much work is to be done for policy and perceptions to catch up with the technological capability.”

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