Ports Australia CEO calls for freight balance

Mike Gallacher, CEO of Ports Australia, has told the Australian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities that government must show leadership in addressing the freight imbalance to deal with the future freight task.
“Figures show that the country’s freight task is set to double and that our current and future spend on roads and rail will not be adequate to meet the requirement of the incoming freight tsunami,” said Gallacher.
“Over the last 25 years domestic sea freight has grown by one per cent, where rail has grown by 210 per cent and road, 61 per cent.
“For a maritime nation with over 70 ports strategically located right around our country, each with road and rail access, each with maritime related industry nearby, in either a capital city or regional town, a continuation of this imbalance surely is not in our national interest.
“Ports are intrinsically linked to our prosperity, ensuring that the gateways to Australia’s economy are healthy and vibrant is only a good thing for all Australia.”

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