Central to Australia’s transport future

Inland Rail will change the transport and logistics business forever, will it change yours?In one of the biggest investments ever seen in regional Australia, the Government will fund the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project with $8.4 billion in equity to be provided to the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).
Inland Rail will complete the spine of the national freight network, delivering freight from Melbourne to Brisbane in less than 24 hours with competitive pricing and extremely high reliability.At its centre is Parkes, the only place in Australia where the new NS Inland Rail intersects with the EW line as well as the north-south Newell Highway.

Already a key interchange point for road to rail and rail to road, Peter Winder of ARTC says, “Parkes is critical to the success of Inland Rail. It allows us to have a natural consolidation point for trains going north-south to connect with trains going east-west.”
Construction on the $300 million Parkes to Narromine section of the Inland Rail commenced in January, with the first 14,000 tonnes of steel rail delivered to Peak Hill.
“Parkes is set to become Australia’s largest inland intermodal hub.” Australian Logistics Council Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff said.

“The establishment of a National Logistics Hub at Parkes with an impressive intermodal offering will be a central element in efforts to improve supply chain efficiency, offer modal choice, generate employment opportunities and produce cheaper freight costs and lower prices for all consumers.”
The 600 hectare Parkes National Logistics Hub is fully buffered and zoned with 24 hour, intermodal access offering lower land costs, cheaper warehousing, b-triple access and double stacking to the west. 80% of Australia’s population is accessed overnight.
The vision is huge and opportunities immense. Transport companies, logistics operators, manufacturing and warehousing businesses seeking faster, smarter and cheaper solutions should visit

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