Research reveals 1 in 3 Australians will not re-order due to a bad delivery experience

New research revealed that 65% of Australians have been disappointed in a company because of the delivery service they use, with 11% saying they are disappointed regularly.
The study, which was commissioned by Zoom2u, also explored how poor distribution impacted people’s purchasing habits, with a shocking 1 in 3 Australians saying they have not re-ordered from a company due to a bad delivery experience in the past.
Delving further, the data highlights that 26 – 33 year olds are the least likely to buy from a brand again after a bad delivery experience (41%), followed by 18 – 25 year olds (39%) and 42 – 49 year olds (36%). Part time (34%) and full-time workers (33%) are also influenced more than students (21%) or retirees (20%).
“It’s evident that now more than ever, providing a high-quality delivery experience to customers is crucial for driving future purchases. The fact that over 20% of Australian companies have lost sales due to offering a disappointing delivery service highlights how important it is to get it right after the product has left the store, or risk damaging brand reputation and further loyalty,” Steve Orenstein, Founder and CEO of Zoom2u said.
In addition to offering premium delivery options, Mr. Orenstein shares his expert insights into other factors businesses can consider to drive growth this financial year:

  • Know your audience. It sounds simple, but so many brands don’t put enough emphasis on knowing exactly who their audience is and how they should target them. Having a clear understanding of their desires and purchasing habits will also steer other elements of the business in the right direction, such as the tone and language used in communications.
  • Ensure the user experience is seamless. Make sure no matter how the customer is interacting with the brand – whether it be through an app, mobile or desktop – that the journey is easy to navigate.
  • Offer support services that cater to varied target audiences. Having a phone operator during office hours, or a generic email address, in terms of offering support to customers is no longer enough. To maintain and grow your customer bases it’s important to invest in a range of support tools that ensure each of your targets are catered to. For example, at Zoom2u we not only use phone lines and email, we also offer live chat assistance for those who want an instant reply without having to pick up the phone.

Mr. Orenstein concludes, “With so much competition in every sector, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to be doing whatever is possible to stand out from the crowd and offer their customers a consistently premium experience, or risk being left behind.”

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