Australian consumers demand faster online delivery, according to report

According to a recent survey by SOTI, 61% of Australian consumers rate the speed of online delivery as the most important factor when buying online.
“Immediacy is an increasingly crucial aspect of the shopping experience. Consumers want their purchases straight away and expect retailers and e-commerce businesses to provide better delivery options,” Michael Dyson, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, SOTI said.
While fast delivery was the top priority for most consumers, free returns (49 per cent), click and collect (33 per cent) and being able to specify a delivery time (30 per cent), were also among the most important aspects of online delivery for consumers.
“If retailers want their online delivery options to be in line with customer expectations, their supply chain and 3PLs need to provide a faster and more convenient delivery process. Some retail and e-commerce companies have started offering same day delivery options. This adds pressure on logistics providers to ensure they are able to keep up with this, and often this option comes with restrictions such as customers being required to live within a particular area.”
Investing in technology
The survey also found that over 53 per cent of Australian consumers are increasingly interested in new technologies, such as self-propelled vehicles and drones, being used to improve delivery times.
“Retail logistics providers need to understand and meet the demands of their customers or they will find themselves left behind. This means investing in new delivery methods and the technologies which support these approaches,” Michael said
Putting value back in delivery
While research showed that speed of delivery is key for Australian consumers, only 34% of survey respondents indicated that they would be happy to pay a premium for new delivery services.
“The supply chain industry needs to find a way to either make the new technologies affordable when they enter the market, or, convince consumers that it is worth the slightly higher delivery price,” Michael said
“Consumers have become accustomed to getting free delivery, as so many retailers have offered it for years, so it has become de-valued in a way. The supply chain must add value back into delivery services and new technologies present an exciting future for e-commerce logistics.”

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