Salary guide reveals a 'tug of war’ for logistics

According to the FY 2019/20 Hays Salary Guide, more logistics professionals will receive a pay rise this year than last, but it will be a less significant increase than they hoped for.
The research also revealed that 92 per cent of employers will increase their transport and distribution staff salaries in their next review, up from 83 per cent who did so in their last review.
However, the guide found that the value of these increases will fall. 71 per cent intend to raise salaries at the lower level of 3 per cent or less, up from 63 per cent who did so in their last review. At the other end of the scale, just 3% of employers intend to grant pay increases of more than 6 per cent.
“Evidently, the aggregate effect of several years of sedate salary increases is taking its toll and we’re now seeing a tug of war over salaries,” Tim James, Managing Director of Hays Logistics said.
“On the one hand, we have professionals telling us they’ve prioritised a pay rise and are prepared to enter the job market to improve their earnings. On the other, employers tell us they want to add to their headcount and are being impacted by skill shortages, yet they want to curtail salary increases.
There are only a few exceptions. The recovery of the senior supply chain market led to demand for Supply Chain Managers and, in turn, mid-tier Demand and Supply Planners. In some states, salaries have increased in response to this demand.  Tasmania’s positive economic climate led to a surge in interstate and international exports,” he concluded.

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