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Supply Chain Climate Change Solutions Summit and Expo

The RENAULT-NEOLINE-cargo sailing-ship sustainable supply chains transport

In recognition that people in industry learn from successful deployments, not white papers, three industry associations have banded together to organise a Supply Chain Climate Change Solutions Summit and Expo. This event will be held in Melbourne on Thursday 13 June 2019.
“With the goal to expedite the transition to low-carbon supply chains, the event will profile a number of local businesses that have demonstrated strong results in reducing carbon emissions,” said WISC committee member Meaghan Siemensma.
“Awe-inspiring news is released everyday about action globally being undertaking to mitigate against climate change such as carbon-neutral Copenhagen, Beyond Meat’s IPO success, Tesla’s entirely energy self-reliant gigafactory, electric aircraft test flights and Renault’s sailing cargo ships… but the question that many supply chain managers ask is: ‘What can we do to expedite the transition to low carbon transport and warehousing solutions?”
This event shines the spotlight on businesses in Australia that have started to reduce carbon emissions with the goal to encourage other businesses to take action. It will bring together the following industry practitioners to describe how some of Australia’s largest corporations are reducing carbon emissions:

Conversations and Expo
The event will also provide participants with an opportunity to assess cost-effective sustainable solutions. In addition to the speakers, businesses that help industry tackle climate change through renewable energy, increasing fleet efficiency and  converting to EV will exhibit at a Supply Chain Practitioners’ Expo from 4pm to 8pm.
Fleet controllers can kick the tyres of an EV truck and warehouse managers can discuss what changes are required to retrofit their warehouses to be carbon neutral while munching on a Beyond Burger. Exhibitors include:

The Expo will provide opportunities to engage with people from:

  • Kings Transport about outsourcing your last mile deliveries to a transport provider with an EV fleet. Kings Transport invested in electric trucks in 2017. Kings Transport is an early adopter and has insights into the operational and charging lessons learnt.
  • SEA Electric’s booth will display a commercial electric vehicle that is operational and is an economically viable alternative to conventional diesel-powered trucks. Discuss the continuing improvements in battery and EV technology cost and performance that are reducing EV costs.
  • Total Solar Solutions to learn about the financial returns from commercial Solar PV installations and how to future-proof a solar implementation to match EV truck charging.
  • MobileDOCK to eliminate road and loading dock contention and minimise vehicle dwell time to reduce carbon emissions and adhere to new COR legislation.
  • Bestrane to systematically plan optimised routes to reduce fuel consumption and kilometres driven.
  • Flatpack Containers to see a shipping container that folds flat and enables four empties to be stacked and transported on a single truck.
  • Geotab to learn how telemetrics can reduce fuel and idling.

Conversations and summit brainstorming
The event will finish with a summit discussion that addresses what would support industry to reduce carbon emissions with participants assigned to one of three focus areas: Packaging, Warehousing and Transport. All ideas will be documented and shared with industry and government.
This free event will be held at the Port of Melbourne Education Centre, 343-383 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne on Thursday 13 June from 4pm to 8pm.
Register for the event at
Supporting organisations
The three industry associations behind the event are Women in Supply Chain (WISC), Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia (CILTA).

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