Jungheinrich donates forklifts to Australia’s largest food charity

Jungheinrich Australia has donated over $60,000 in products to the Foodbank charity to help support emergency bushfire relief.

The material handling giant delivered two forklift trucks to the charity’s head facility in Glendenning, New South Wales.

Jungheinrich donated a EFG220 forklift valued at $35,000 and their ETV320 model valued at $28,000.

Jungheinrich said in a social media statement they wanted to help Foodbank “channel the generosity of the food and grocery sector, and the general public who are keen to assist with essential supplies to stricken areas”.

Foodbank is playing a crucial role in the current bushfire crisis which is devastating communities across Australia by putting a nation wide “Bushfire Emergency Food Relief Appeal”

Mick Brookhouse General Manager of Jungheinrich Australia said there are several staff members affected by the bushfire crisis and “the focus must now be entirely on the recovery”.

A spokesperson from Foodbank Australia, Glendenning said “In the next couple of weeks, our activities will increase and these machines will definitely assist us to cope with that.”

A spokesperson from Jungheinrich said they predict the forklift trucks will last more than 10 years at the Foodbank distribution centre in NSW.

“We have provided the trucks initially on a no cost 6 month lease. This includes all maintenance. At the end of the six months we will engage with Foodbank to assess whether their needs for the trucks still exists,” the spokesperson said.

“We considered the best way to provide support and donations and supply of goods was considered. However, when we noticed reports that entities such as Foodbank were being inundated with donated goods we decided that the donation of forklifts would be the most useful way in we could support the efforts.”

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