Supply chains urging patience from consumers

Global supply chains have been experiencing unprecedented demand due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As national citizens across the world conduct self-isolation measures, stock on shelves at grocery and pharmaceutical outlets have been left bare and transport operators have been working overtime to to deliver goods to shops and supermarkets.

Peter Anderson, Victorian Transport Association CEO is urging patience from shoppers and assures them there is ample supply of essential household goods in warehouses around the country and on ships bound for Australia.

“Coronavirus has prompted consumers to buy much more than they need and what we are seeing now are rapid adjustments in ordering and in the supply chain to sustain this record demand,” he said.

“Panic buying that has seen shopper’s empty shelves of goods like toilet paper, rice, pasta, flour and other pantry staples is totally unnecessary because grocery chains anticipate future demand and keep warehouses stocked accordingly.”

Peter said the biggest impediment to supply chains keeping pace with unprecedented demand was access.

“Around 80% of the freight task is located within 100 kilometres of its final destination which underscores the need to free up seamless access to delivery points,” he said.

“We commend the Victorian Government to for pressuring councils to ease curfews on arterial roads, especially at night which is the optimum delivery time for heavy vehicles. What we also want to see are permanent 24/7 clearways so that traffic flows freely and trucks have clearer access to where they need to go.”

Peter said consumers said patience and a return to normalcy was required from consumers so that supply chains could satisfy the unprecedented demand seen over the past week.

Bob Biesterfeld, C.H Robinson president and CEO said due to its global technology platform, the company is fully operational around the globe, 24/7, without any service interruption.

In an address to the company’s customers, Bob said C.H Robinson is working through this challenging time together and “we know that it is imperative that your supply chains continue to operate without incident”.

“We know you count on us to ensure shelves are stocked with necessary goods for consumers, to see that medical equipment and medicines are available when and where they are needed and to ensure that supply chains continue to move—regardless of the market cycle or external factors,” Bob said to the company’s customers.

“Our teams are experienced in managing through crisis situations and are committed to ensuring that you receive the best service at the most critical times.”

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