24 hour deliveries and noise restrictions paused for warehouses in Victoria

The Andrews Labor Government has announced its enabling round the clock delivery of food and other essential goods in response to unprecedented demand.

Due to the current demand for essential items and services, Richard Wynne, Victorian planning minister has approved new planning rules that exempt essential businesses from existing noise restrictions.

This will allow for 24-hour dispatch and delivery during the current State of Emergency and for three months after.

The exemption applies to warehouses and factories, enabling them to also dispatch and deliver specified goods around the clock.

The specified dispatch and delivery of goods include food, drink, groceries, medicine and cleaning and personal protection products.

Richard said this is a common-sense measure to make sure food, medicine and other essential goods are readily available when people need them most.

“Noise restrictions are there for a reason but in these challenging times, it’s more important our supermarkets, hospitals and other essential businesses have what they need to meet demand,” he said.

This will enable supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies and other essential businesses to meet the significant demand they are currently facing.

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