Leading shipping group offers container storage to customers

A leading worldwide shipping group is helping shippers store shipments during the current pandemic.

On Thursday April 9 CMA CGM announced its launching a ‘delay in transit’ solution.

The new solution is designed to  temporarily store containers in a dedicated hub and provide enhanced flexibility and help alleviate current pressures experienced by its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Delay in transit allows them to temporarily store their containers in a dedicated hub until the recipient is ready for them to arrive at the final destination shown on the bill of lading,” the company said in a statement.

“With this new solution, clients can control and reduce costs related to warehousing and storage, as well as other expenses that can add up while their cargo is being transported.”

Meant to reduce warehousing cost, the service is available globally with container storage happening at multiple hubs around the world based on trade lanes.

The delay in transit solution is already in action through multiple hubs towards the Americas, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, West Africa and Asia pacific.

CMA CGM is not the first carrier to offer help with storage in this environment.

MSC announced its “Suspension of Transit” program last month. The company said it will “help avoid high storage costs at ports of discharge.”

Ports in North America and Europe might not be ready to receive containers as as products begin moving out of factories in Asia.

“MSC aims to fulfill the resuming demand for raw materials and finished products from Asia by providing yard storage at major strategic points around the world,” the carrier said.

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