Crown TSP Series

Crown offers an extensive range of electric and internal combustion lift trucks including counterbalance models, power pallet trucks, stockpickers and very-narrow aisle lift trucks.

The TSP Series turret forklift – which broke new ground when launched in 1988 and received several design awards – is on the opposite end of the Crown range to the PTH Series hand pallet truck when it comes to size.

The TSP Series turret forklift’s high reach and narrow footprint allows you make the most of your storage space. With Crown’s exclusive MonoLift Mast, there is less twisting and swaying than with traditional dual upright masts. This means it can provide the stability needed for operators and loads up to six stories in the air, or all the way up to 17,145 mm high.
With the TSP Series, users achieve up to a 41 per cent advantage in lift speed. Along with faster travel and quicker pivot and traverse speeds, you get total cycle performance. The regenerative lower system recaptures lost energy while larger batteries provide access to more power, fewer battery changes and longer shift life.

Unmatched comfort, control and safety enable operators to perform with confidence, all shift long. Crown’s TSP Series turret forklift provides unmatched flexibility and comfort with the MoveControl seat. Its integrated controls and full adjustability support every operator move.
Options for the TSP Series include wire or rail guidance systems for automated steering control in minimal width aisles, a triple telescopic mast for extreme lift heights and low collapsed heights, heated freezer cabin for a comfortable work environment in temperature extreme applications and narrow front rail for floor picking applications.

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