Körber takes home three ASCLA awards

Körber Supply Chain has taken the major sweep at the Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards, crowned the winner across three categories.

Winners and High Commendation recipients of the 2020 Australian Supply Chain & Logistics Awards were announced online on December 10.

Each of the seven categories attracted a significant number of high calibre submissions. Körber Supply Chain took home most of the wins, placing in top position for the 2020 Information Technology and Management Award, 2020 Industry Excellence Award and 2020 Supply Chain Management Award.


2020 Information Technology and Management Award

Nominees for this award demonstrate where their use of  existing or new technology has provided significant improvements to their management of information and/or their supply chain processes.

Winner: Körber Supply Chain (Turning over a new leaf for T2)

2020 Industry Excellence Award

Recognises and acknowledges outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently engaged across the supply chain industry. Persons nominated for this most prestigious award will be leaders and will have made significant change to the way a supply chain is managed and improved either academically, physically or technologically.

Winner: Samir Rafiq, Körber Supply Chain.

2020 Supply Chain Management Award

This award recognises an organisation that can demonstrate significant achievement within a section or across their entire supply chain.

Winner: Körber Supply Chain (Ready to Deliver: Catch of the Day)

2020 Training, Education & Development Award

This award is presented to a company that can best demonstrate their commitment/ application and results of providing training, education and development of their people.

Winner: EB Games Warehouse Leadership

2020 International Supply Chain Award

The ASCL International Supply Chain Award is given to a Company, Association or an Individual that may operate internationally and are able demonstrate their capability, commitment and achievements across any spectrum of the sciences, practices, disciplines or efforts to promote and improve the knowledge and acceptance of the importance of the supply chain.

Winner: GS1 Australia Scan4Transport – Global Centre of Excellence

2020 Environmental Excellence Award

The ASCL Environmental Excellence Award recognises corporate leadership contributing to the solution of environmental sustainability within our industry through performance and action.

Winner: Custom Innovation Co (CIC) Rob Fisher, Tim Allison & David McLaughlin.

High commendation recipient: CouriersPlease

2020 Future Leaders Award

The purpose of this award is to provide incentive and recognition to young supply chain professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path.

Winner: Jackson Meyer – Verus Global


  • John Goggin – Körber Supply Chain
  • Kavinda Senerath – Körber Supply Chain
  • Matthew Unali – TM Insight
  • Tridev Dupuguntla – Woolworths Group
  • Sarah Vogler – Agility Logistics
  • April McElligott – Fulton Market Group
  • Eleisha Birkensleigh – Allied Express
  • Jackson Meyer – Verus Global


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