ADM to eliminate all deforestation from supply chain

Leading agricultural origination and processing company ADM is setting an ambitious goal to eliminate deforestation from the company’s supply chains by 2030.

The target comes as part of ADM’s new policy to protect forests, biodiversity and communities.

Juan Luciano, Chairman and CEO at ADM said being the bridge between the producer on the farm and the consumer-facing brands on people’s tables gave them an advantage when considering sustainable practises.

“We are in the unique position to influence sustainable practises across the entire supply chain,” he said.

“We are fully committed to ending deforestation and to preserving biodiversity and water resources in our supply chain.

“This new policy reaffirms ADM’s commitment to responsible sourcing and will help us further reduce the impact of our operations and supply chain and continue to hold our suppliers to high standards.”

The new policy includes provisions that promote conservation of water resources and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, and solutions to reduce climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. It will also support agriculture as a means to advance sustainable development by reducing poverty and increasing food security.

By the end of 2022, ADM expectis to achieve full traceability of its direct and indirect sourcing throughout its soy supply chains in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

It also hopes to end native vegetation conversion in a short time frame in high-risk areas such as the Cerrado and Chaco biomes in South America.

ADM has achieved a high level of traceability to the mill in the palm supply chain and is working to increase traceability to plantations.

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