Multimillion-dollar warehouse starts construction in Queensland

Australian storage company Kent Removals and Storage are starting construction on a 6947 sqm warehouse just a few kilometres from its existing site on Mittagong Street in Townsville.

Phoenix Constructions is building the multimillion-dollar space, which will include office space alongside the giant warehouse, is expected to quadruple the company’s footprint in Townsville.

Jason Flynn, Townsville Branch Manager at Kent Removals and Storage, says the expansion – set to open in August – will create the largest removal location outside of South East Queensland.

“The size and scale of this project, which represents a pretty large project for a private company in this area, reflects the vitality of this region,” he says.

The warehouse will service customers from Rockhampton to Mt Isa, north to the tip of the mainland and out to islands off the north and east coasts.

Stephen Alves, CEO at Kent Removals and Storage, says the new facility has been built for growth and the increasing demand for new storage solutions.

“We’re proud to say that Kent has invented smarter systems for making removals, relocations and storage better for customers, including large clients like government and major corporates, who have been a big part of our story in Townsville,” he says.

Kent Removals and Storage will also offer a new containerised storage system at the site to help reduce the number of times items need to be packed and repacked in a typical storage scenario.

“It gets packed once and unpacked once, when the customer is ready. That means less time, less energy wasted and less potential for damage to goods stored,” Stephen says.

The company has also recently increased storage capacity across its owned sites by about 50,000 cubic metres in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin and Townsville.

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