Advisory group formed for traceability solutions industry collaboration

Eleven different traceability solutions provider organisations have formed a committee to assist government and industry in understanding and implementing traceability solutions, according to a statement from not-for-profit business communications organisation GS1.

“The Traceability Solution Provider Special Interest Group (TSP-SIG) is an eco-system of like-minded solution providers with the goal of assisting government and industry in understanding and implementing traceability solutions,” GS1 says.

The TSP-SIG, which is open to all traceability solution providers, will not focus on any specific sector or industry segment. Instead, GS1 says, “a holistic and whole-of-economy approach” will be taken, recognising that product flows between, as well as through, domestic and international supply chains.

GS1 says that the group’s key activities will include industry representation, assessing technological innovations, events and industry engagement, providing government and industry advice, and evaluation of strategies across sectors and regions.

“Australia is well-positioned to lead and leverage the next wave of transformation and innovation in global and domestic trade,” GS1 says in its statement. “This transformation is providing enormous opportunity for industry and regulatory modernisation with a goal of improved productivity, competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness. Solution providers working with open and interoperable global data standards play a critical role in this process.”

A committee and three co-chairs govern TSP-SIG, including Michael Dossor of Result Group​, Reeanjou Ram of iTrazo TraceTech​, and Luke Wood of Escavox​.

The Steering Committee comprises Mark Toohey of Aglive, Ilango Surendran of iFoodDecisionSciences​, Blair Kietzmann of insignia, Laszlo Peter of KPMG​, Paul Ryan from Trust Codes, Greg Calvert of Fresh Chain Systems​, Trent Munro from Matthews Australasia and Roger Meilke of 4Technology.

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