Servicing the industry

Martin Broglia, Managing Director for Bonfiglioli ANZ, sits down with MHD to reveal how the company used COVID-19 to reimagine the materials handling landscape.

Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is well and truly in full force, although the materials handling sector still faces the brunt of coping with ongoing change across the entire supply chain.

Improvement in warehouse operational efficiency has been instrumental in driving the growth of the materials handling market. Martin Broglia, Managing Director for Bonfiglioli ANZ, says the true driver comes from quality relationships within the sector. The company has many great relationships in the market, as a leading designer, producer and manufacturer of a full range of gear motors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes and inverters for industrial automation. Broglia tells MHD how it has taken the opportunity to reflect on how it can better serve the market, and is excited to share some major developments the company has undertaken during this period.


There will always be room for improvement, the question is when is the right time for change and when can you find time to change? In materials handling, downtime is the number one thing that should be avoided at all costs. However, sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air. As Martin explains, the key highlight from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ability to focus a magnifying glass on its operations.

“We’re taking stock and upping the ‘ante’. The company has a history spanning more than 60 years and 80 countries. Just because a business has been around for 60 years doesn’t mean they should keep doing things the same way,” Martin says.

He notes that the company is underpinned by its values and is committed to excellence, innovation and sustainability. Bonfiglioli has also been widely known for its strong industry solutions and its number one position in the planetary and worm gear market.

Bonfiglioli offers a wide product range for the logistics industry with the ability to handle anything from a small to a large product. Years of experience in this industry both locally and globally ensures the company can offer its customers best in class solutions for their materials handling and logistics applications.

“One can never be complacent and every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to do better,” Martin says. 

Bonfiglioli has recently acquired an expert engineer from Italy to fly to Australia and upgrade all systems to further improve efficiency and supplier relations. 

“However, during this time it’s also important to highlight the power of digital relationships through zoom and online chats. We can now maintain and build new relationships without barriers,” Martin says.

Martin Broglia is the Managing Director of Bonfiglioli ANZ.

Improving service

Bonfiglioli has increased its stockholding and service teams as well as response time to meet market demands. 

“It was my mission to improve workplace wellbeing and culture to further enhance our service to customers. By strengthening the leadership to ensure your team is on the same page, you will reap  positive benefits for the longevity of the business,” Martin says.

Service delivery levels have been a key priority that the Managing Director has taken under his wing. “Perhaps COVID has taught us more than ever that relationships are what will pull you through the tough times – and this is exactly where we are focusing,” Martin says.

Martin notes that the company offers a large amount of inventory, and is adequately equipped to meet its customers’ needs during this difficult period.

“Bonfiglioli carries a large local stock holding and offers in-house service and technical staff to assist with field service and commissioning. Our engineering team is available to help with more technical applications,” he says.

He says the team underwent intensive training following the height of the pandemic to ensure customer service levels were at the highest levels and well supported. “I’m proud to see a shift in the direction of the company for the better, it’s clear we engineer dreams but it’s also important to study and refine the process to get to the end goal,” Martin says. 

Taking time to find out what the customer needs and realising the dream for them is becoming the new way of doing business. “The results are in the sales, and it’s been reassuring to see the resilience across the entire supply chain at a time when support is needed more than ever,” Martin says. “We are hungry for success and are committed to our clients. We want to continue building relationships – the type that is built for the long haul.”

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