Ping Identity boosts identity management for DB Schenker

Ping Identity has integrated Identity Access Management (IAM) for over 300,000 DB Schenker stakeholders.

Employees, contractors, partners and customers have been centralised in the project, which streamlined the management of security policies, as well as enhanced secure access to business applications.

James Naughton, Head of Identity Management at DB Schenker, says the centralising of IAM will further support the company’s infrastructure.

“The addition of FIDO2-enabled risk-based two-step authentication allows us to provide an even higher level of security for access to the DB Schenker IT landscape, creating peace of mind for both our team, partners and customers,” James says.

The need for a more secure and modern authentication service was identified by the company, so was the need for more efficient access to the company’s resources for partners, customers and employees.

IC Consult worked closely with DB Schenker to implement the identity solution, which Naughton says helped DB Schenker to achieve their objectives.

“The goal was to extend our existing identity and access management infrastructure to secure employee access and take advantage of the cloud,” he says.

Emma Maslen, the Vice President and General Manager of Ping Identity says the centralising is just the start of a larger implementation.

“This is only the beginning of the identity journey for DB Schenker,” Emma says. “We will continue to seek new ways to push the boundaries of identity and provide multi factor authentication to every employee to improve workforce productivity.”


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