Designed for safety

Greater efficiency across the supply chain begins with the production process. Barry Staff, Director of Automaint Solutions, shares the importance of reliable sensor solutions to service Australia’s local and rapidly growing industries. 

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘safety is key’. This is a concept that has especially ramped up during the COVID-19 era, but continues to be paramount in solutions and service for the manufacturing industry.

Therefore, many top manufacturers rely on collaboration with external experts to ensure complex regulations, demanding technical implementations and ongoing machine safety is consulted thoroughly. 

Barry Staff, Director of Automaint Solutions says that’s why its ongoing partnership with the experts from SICK Australia is essential to the company’s ability to service the manufacturing industry. 

Achieving more with Automation 

Many Australian thought leaders recognise the importance of moving forward with this transformation to remain globally viable in an ever-changing technological world. In a report by Standard Australia, CEO Bronwyn Evans explains that “long-term productivity and global competitiveness of Australian manufacturing will be dependent on how well we transition into the fourth industrial revolution”.

Barry says that advanced automation is essential to achieve this goal and enable Australia to lead the market in advanced manufacturing. “Automation is at the core of our business – it’s even in the name. Automaint Solutions has over 40 years of experience servicing the manufacturing industry,” he says.

Automaint Solutions services its lenient through full automation, manufacture, consulting and project manufacturing experience. Barry says it works closely with leading names in the packaging, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, protein and automotive industries.

“We’re based in Melbourne’s north-west and proudly remained consistent during the height of the pandemic. We’ve since picked up a lot more project work and managed challenges that many industries have faced,” Barry says. He notes that the company’s team of engineers are closely aligned with maintaining safety as the top priority.

Recently, Automaint Solutions underwent a pelletising application that utilised SICK sensor solutions. “Our clients need machinery that can essentially run all day and night, especially in major distribution centres when time is of the essence. We focus on the machine’s productivity and safety so they can count on their products meeting demand,” Barry says.

Safe and intelligent 

In all areas of the packaging industry – whether it is pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, household goods, or hygiene – reliable quality is one of the key corporate targets. Furthermore, modern packaging machines and plants require an intelligent and flexible safety concept.

“We have a long-term partnership with SICK, who help us complete our concepts and development through their sensor intelligence and focus on safety,” Barry says. “Our collaboration allows us to contribute to local manufacturing, working together to implement the most cost-effective solutions.”

Barry notes the implementation of SICK’s Cylindrical photoelectric sensors GR18S through a recent pelletising application as a fundamental part. “This product implementation enables efficient automated load picking and transfer. As the totes are transferred from the belt to the vehicle, SICK sensors perform outstanding checks that prevent challenges or obstacles in its way,” he says.

More on safety, Barry highlights the ability to rely on SICK ReLy safety relays to further add reassurance and speed for the company’s pelletising project. “Through simple wiring and minimal installation efforts, the sensor is able to rely on fast response times for compact machines that results in a high level of productivity,” he says. A protection system consisting of SICK deTec Safety Light Curtains around the hazardous area prevents any intrusion by a person or unexpected object. 

When reflecting on the ongoing partnership, Barry says the shared values and ambition to drive output in a fast and efficient manner has been key. “In the past few years SICK has really stood out in the market with the quality of its sensors and the affordability too,” he says.

In materials handling, increased productivity and short downtimes are the keys to success. “We can trust that SICK sensors can be suitable for a wide range of different applications, be an economical solution and have a long product service life,” Barry says.

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