Australian footwear retailer implements Manhattan Associates WM solution

Australian footwear retailer Spendless Shoes is set to implement Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management Solution to reinvent its operations and gain flexibility for changes in the retail market.

Spendless Shoes has a 30-year history and 210 stores nationwide, while also selling products online to New Zealand.

Spendless Shoes will introduce the Manhattan solution to its distribution centre in Adelaide, after facing complications relating to product inventory due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Manhattan Associates.

Kathryn Pearce, the Independent Technology Program Management and Advisory CIO of Spendless Shoes, says the implementation will help to strengthen the company’s operation.

“With plans for Manhattans’ WMS now underway, the strategy is to really focus on future-proofing our operations by streamlining our productivity and gaining business-wide visibility,” Kathryn says.

The implementations are planned to be completed within the next six months, with Spendless Shoes already seeing opportunities to sell stock which had previously been misplaced.

Jaimee Charlton, General Manager of Operations for Spendless Shoes, echoed Kathryn’s sentiment, saying the system will improve the tractability of the organisation.

“Now with Manhattans’ WMS, we will soon have the flexibility to deal with such market changes by having the resilience to keep operations moving,” Jaimee says.

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