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Microlistics changing WMS post COVID

Supply chains were turned on their head last year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes to warehouse management systems have been pressing issues in the supply chain and logistics industry.

Investing in new IT philosophies has become a priority for many, in the hope to ensure more secure supply chain relations can be maintained in the case of another COVID outbreak.

In a similar way, warehouse IT investment is shifting to prioritise efficiency and speed to market with a focus on achieving both short-term and continuing returns.

The new IT investment philosophy calls for systems that can adapt to significant changes in business long after the solution is put in place.

In many cases, these changes can threaten a business’ survival and will come at economically sensitive times – not a great time to learn that you need to spend more money to adjust.

The new IT investments also enable businesses to:

  • Rapidly implement core functionality to quickly realise the benefits from overhauling the most inefficient processes. i.e. the ‘low hanging fruit’
  • Incrementally add additional or advanced technologies to address subsequent opportunities for efficiency gain, or adjacent operational problem areas

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