Tried and Tested

Alan Morgan, National Marketing Manager at Ozkor, reveals how improved

load out time wins favour with Australian meat exporters.

The quality standard of Australian meat is well respected throughout the world and despite a number of recent setbacks to the industry, exports nevertheless continue to reflect a significant contribution to Australia’s agricultural export market.

Australian red meat processors, however, cannot be complacent in the light of increased competition from overseas suppliers. This is why processing procedures are constantly under review in order to cut out unnecessary activity-based costs. For example, efficient handling procedures of boxed frozen and chilled meat present many challenges, particularly when loading refrigerated shipping containers for export. On the one hand, the high value of each carton of meat means damage can be very expensive. When coupled with manual loading of containers and the price of slip sheets, as well as other associated costs, bottom line profitability can be eroded.  

According to leading Australian plastic pallet supplier Ozkor Pty Ltd, its plastic pallet model MP-1165 provides a means to reduce these costs and eliminates the need to use more expensive, and in some cases outmoded, alternatives. 

The MP-1165 pallet is especially designed for multi-functional purposes that improve loading and operational efficiencies by enabling forklift operators, using a push /pull attachment, the ability to lift the boxes directly off the top deck of the pallet by accessing two channels over which the boxes are stacked. This means the pallet can be retained and the cartons of meat can then be driven straight into the shipping container and safely stacked. Reportedly, this enables one man on one counterbalance forklift to load a 40-foot shipping container in under 1 hour, saving significant man hour costs in manual handling and eliminating the need for slip sheets. Furthermore, this means the pallet is retained and ready for re-use in the packaging processing line while the frozen cartons of meat are dispatched overseas.

Ozkor’s National Marketing manager, Alan Morgan, explains that the MP-1165 pallet not only fulfils a pallet’s traditional function, but the top deck tyne channels also makes unloading the pallet extremely easy, which means the process can be carried out in seconds and eliminates the need to manually unload cartons of meat from pallets, without the use of slip-sheets.

The MP-1165 plastic pallet is constructed with high impact resistant, food grade virgin co-polymer materials that can operate at low sub-zero freezer room temperatures. Additional measures are taken to enhance the pallets ability to mitigate potential forklift damage by incorporating high impact resistant nylon inserts in the side walls and vulnerable areas of the pallet. This proven and patented technology has been developed by Ozkor’s design engineering team to extend the service life of the pallets, particularly in environments which are operationally extremely demanding.

Slip resistant rubber grommets are securely positioned on the pallet’s top deck to aid in the safe handling of frozen meat cartons when being transported around production facilities.

“Many thousands of the MP-1165 pallet model are currently being used and tested by major Australian meat processors and have made a significant contribution to processing efficiencies,” said Morgan. “Since the pallet’s introduction 3 years ago we are delighted with the results and response from this important market sector.”

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