Industrial action to hold up Brisbane Ports

Ports Australia

Patrick Terminals has been notified of further “Protected Industrial Action” from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA).

Details of the industrial action include prohibiting employees attending work when they are rostered as “off”, as well as a ban on working overtime at Fisherman Island in Brisbane.

Here are the full details:

  • A ban on attending work on days an employee is rostered as “off/avail” commencing Friday 28 May and finishing Sunday 30 May; and
  • A ban on working overtime at Fisherman Island from Friday 28 May and finishing Sunday 30 May.

Patrick Terminals is working with the MUA, hoping to reach an agreement regarding working conditions at the terminal.

The Australian Peak Shippers Association says the industrial action has disappointed the association and industry.

“We are once again disappointed in the MUA’s approach in taking PIA at this stage in discussions.”

Patrick Terminals is continuing to work closely with customers as they attempt to ensure minimal delays on the supply chain across the areas which will see industrial action.

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