Technology: the answer to seamless communication

In a world where efficiency is key to productivity, implementing solutions to advance these areas is at the forefront of most businesses’ minds. Dave Dessmann, ANZ BDM GN at Jabra’s BlueParrott, identifies how correct technology solutions can play a significant role.

From busy warehouse floors to noisy trucks transporting freight on the roads, Dave Dessmann, ANZ Business Development Manager GN at Jabra’s BlueParrott says communication is key to effective operation. 

“Businesses are trying to get a lot more done with a similar number of resources, and the best way to do that is to have the best technology in place,” he says. “For most, there is a focus on increased efficiency and optimal customer service in these challenging environments.”

Dave says the future of technology in supply chains will be centred around efficiency and making the end user experience better. 

“At the end of the day it’s about increasing that productivity and making users comfortable with their devices,” he says. When it comes to improving efficiency, the first step is ensuring a business has optimal communications solutions in place. 

“In a warehouse, workers are going to have to repeat themselves. They’re looking out for potential hazards, which is difficult with all the noise going on around them. 

“They might have their voice picking software talking to them but, if they’re wearing a stereo headset, then they’re not hearing what’s going on in the environment [around them].”

The answer, says Dave, is implementing correct technology solutions for different situations. “Truck driving is a very tough job since they’re always on the road. Being able to have a device that makes them even more productive and safe is crucial,” he says.

“At BlueParrott, we’ve recently launched our new M300-XT noise-cancelling mono Bluetooth headset which is optimised for noisy environments and working on the go.” 

The device can be activated by the touch of a single button, or if preferred, with a simple voice command. 

“You don’t need to pair it to the cabin in the unit – drivers can pair it to their own devices, so when they exit the truck, they still have a 100m wireless range to take calls away from the main cabin,” Dave says.

He says this style of hands-free communication is how drivers can increase productivity as the demand for last mile delivery grows.  

“Having that long talk time and being heard on calls by cutting out background noise is imperative,” Dave says. 

“With the M300-XT, it doesn’t even sound like you’re in a truck and driving, which is what a lot of our customers have been saying. It really makes their day a lot smoother.” 

The device boasts a long battery life, with a 14-hour talk time and 24-hour talk time on many of BlueParrott’s other devices. 

“Our devices are fit for the challenge and can stand up to the rigors of life – there’s no longer a need to worry about dropping your device and breaking it as it can withstand moisture and other elements,” Dave says. “The ergonomics of the new design being smaller makes it the perfect solution for field workers.”

Even as more people continue to work from home and outside the office, BlueParrot’s flagship noise cancellation technology can help reduce unnecessary background noise that can often prove distracting. The headset boasts an impressive 80 per cent of noise cancellation with its two-microphone technology, creating a clear communication with no annoying sound interruptions, wherever you’re calling from.

“We have all learnt how to be productive outside of the office and having the right tools and technology is only going to amplify that,” Dave says. 

“Sometimes headsets are just seen as accessories, but often we have customers coming to us after seeking a cheaper solution that didn’t work and trading up for the right solution.”

As technology continues to evolve supply chain operations, Dave says he expects to see a huge increase in functions like push-to-talk across all verticals.  

“We are seeing massive growth in that software across companies we work with like Zebra and Microsoft. I think the push-to-talk function and having the option to talk to your team in real time globally is really appealing,” Dave says. 

“Organisations are striving to become more efficient and they’re becoming smarter about the technology they invest in. BlueParrot is the perfect solution because they want something robust that will increase productivity and be something employees actually want to use because it makes their day easier. In the end, it’s all about productivity.”

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