Non-disruptive automation

Non-disruptive automation that doesn’t require change to IT or the layout of the facility, is providing organisations with a quick and cost-effective way of coping with increasing rises in demand. We explore some new offerings in this space from NKC Australia.   

Dating back nearly 40 years, NKC Australia was established as a subsidiary of Nakanishi Metal Works Osaka, Japan. NKC was founded in Osaka in 1924 and began production of steel products including bearing retainers, which are used in precision bearing assemblies. Subsequent growth and demand lead to the creation of the materials handling division in 1952, developing customised conveyors and solutions for the production and logistics industries. NKC is a pioneer of industrial automation and continues to evolve by introducing the latest proven technology to the market. 

Operating in more than 20 locations in 15 countries, NKC undertakes its research and development for new products and solutions in Japan. NKC is dedicated to research and development and is consistently looking for new ways to develop solutions that improve safety, efficiency and reliability. By leaning on its global knowledge base, it has a unique outlook across the global sphere of logistics and automation. With 13 manufacturing plants, its customised solutions are found throughout the world. 

With recent specialism in non-disruptive automation, NKC has developed a number of own-brand solutions in this space. This includes its own Automated Guide Vehicles (AGVs), the ROBO Fork 15 and ROBO Rook. These solutions use varying guidance systems including the latest SLAM technology and have auto recharge capability. Implementation of these non-disruptive solutions continues as they can be easily designed to interface with all current management systems (WMS/ERP). Recognising a need for solutions to interact with the full breadth of software that is found in logistics and materials handling, NKC ensures that all of its products comply and collaborate with all WMS and ERP systems. 

Furthermore, NKC Australia has partnered with a number of different solutions providers from around the globe to offer more non-disruptive automation products to the Australian market. This includes a unique supplier, Proxaut, out of Italy which designs and manufacturers varying automated guided vehicles from high reach applications through to small shuttles. 

NKC Australia has also recently partnered with Fetch Robotics, the pioneer of on-demand automation with its Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) product line-up. A benefit of the Fetch non-disruptive AMR is that it can be deployed in a matter of hours, in any facility. With a much smaller upfront cost providing a greater ROI, Fetch also offers an alternative purchase subscription model program called Robot as a Service (RaaS). This allows the end user to concentrate on their business without the concerns of implementation, daily workflows, maintenance, servicing or troubleshooting of their AMR’s. 

With standardised and custom solutions, using traditional systems and the latest technology NKC Australia’s team offers a collaborative customer approach. A dedicated team of professionals on the ground here in Australia offers immense experience across the manufacturing and logistics sectors. NKC applies the latest technology and skills to deliver automation solutions for production assembly lines, warehousing and distribution. 

NKC Australia offer an alternative option for your turnkey projects. Having a strong history working with and trusted by global Tier 1 OEM’s and organisations. NKC is continuing to develop and grow as a leader of non-disruptive automation. 

Faced with today’s ever-increasing challenges of doing businesses and finding competitive strategies and solutions, non-disruptive solutions allow organisations to use technology that will deliver immediate results. 

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