Logistics workers report difficulties with new tech investments 

New research has found 98 per cent of Australian transportation and logistics workers have reported technical difficulties with new tech investments made during the pandemic. 

The findings from mobile management solutions provider SOTI’s 2021 report also uncovered 44 percent of employees lose three to four hours every week because of system downtime delaying shipments.  

Michael Dyson, SOTI’s VP of Sales for APAC, says investment in better technology is crucial to keep pace with increasing demand.  

“Our research clearly shows that actually some investments might be hindering operations and productivity,” says Michael.  

Michael says the system downtime is likely occurring as a result of these devices not being properly integrated to ensure they operate reliably. 

Transport and logistics employees are using new technology to support their core operational duties and, with almost all of them reporting a loss in productivity due to system downtime, this is a major vulnerability affecting every part of a business,” he says. 

The data shows the integration of new technology with existing system is leaving the door open for manual errors.  

36 per cent of workers said legacy systems are not fully integrated with new systems and 44 per cent noted that information isn’t being shared across all programs.  

“Having an advanced mobile-first strategy in place will help T&L companies ensure new technology is integrated properly and not operating in silos,” Michael says.  

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