Software advancements hold key to FMS Transport Software growth


Special Projects Manager Nicole Woods will head FMS’s new Western Australia office as the company looks to expand and provide more offices around the country to best service its increasing customer base.

FMS’s total delivery management system will continue to be offered to all warehousing operations across Australia and New Zealand.

It will continue to save many of its customers in excess of 20 per cent of their freight and warehousing costs by introducing greater efficiencies in using FMS Transport Software.

Despite COVID-19 disruptions to supply chains, many companies having to re-evaluate sales, distribution and supply chain structure. FMS, however, remains fully staffed and has introduced new sales reps to get back on the road following up with its loyal and long standing customer base, meeting new and potential clients and offering free demonstrations both on site and remotely.

FMS maintains its immediate 24-hour phone helpdesk support, and dedicated focus to ensure all customer needs are met within their time frame and set goals.

In a statement, FMS says, “Australia is slowly mending both personally and professionally, however, the impact of the pandemic could remain for many years in the future.”

“FMS Transport Software is looking ahead and is fully committed to working alongside our customers to best assist them with any disruptions they may be facing due to the pandemic. With open lines of communication, we ensure that the relationship with our customers remains one of understanding and transparency,” it says.

“Being an established software company of more than 30 years, we constantly seek to improve and create easily accessible and versatile despatch software. New product developments are in the works, utilising new technology and creating even more adaptable features such as reporting advancements providing our customers with the tailored tools to analyse and take control of their freight spend.”

With additional programmers, FMS looks to expand to a greater open market. As FMS Transport Software is a software provider, not a freight broker, its clients remain free to source any and as many carriers as they choose.

“We continue to assist all customers as we have throughout the years and move forward in developing even more new software products essential to our customers’ warehousing needs,” FMS says.

Even with all the changes and progression within the company, FMS Transport Software remains an effective, customisable and user-friendly option to the the changing needs of its customers.

“The industry is fast-paced and we pride ourselves on our friendly 24-hour support team.  FMS Transport Software congratulates the team for all of the hard work and commitment they have shown. We are proud of the work that has been done and continues to be done in becoming a leader in multi-carrier freight and transport software,” it says in a statement. “We are looking ahead to a bright and growing future.”

For more information on FMS Transport Software click here. For a free demonstration, call 1300 723 624.

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