Vic opposition calls for government action over maritime dispute

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) is planning eight 12-hour work stoppages at the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) as part of an ongoing enterprise bargaining agreement negotiation.

The State Opposition says the Andrews Government must intervene, as the economic damage of sustained industrial action mounts.

The Port of Melbourne handles around three million 20-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) a year and contributes 19,600 jobs and $6 billion of economic benefit to the Victorian economy, according to development strategy documents.

Roma Britnell, Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, says the MUA is demanding old school procedures for a new world dock.

“As Victoria comes out of yet another lockdown, we should be doing everything we can to try and return to some level of normality and assist recovery,” she says.

In a statement, the Freight & Trade Alliance said, “the economic impacts and reputational damage of sustained industrial action could again be significant at a time when global shipping is in a highly vulnerable state.”

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