Manhattan Associates launches transport management system

Manhattan Associates has introduced the Manahattan Active Transport Management system to its Active supply chain suite.

The logistics management tool offers a unified distribution, transportation, labour and automated solution within a single application.

The new supply chain tool combines with Manhattan’s Active Warehouse Management to optimise inbound and outbound planning and execution.

Steve Banker, Vice President, Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group, says technology limitations have previously prevented the merging of supply chain execution systems.

“The emergence of all microservices solutions, like Manhattan Active Supply Chain, can help an organisation achieve a more continuous and collaborative planning and execution environment,” he says.

Brian Kinsella, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Manhattan, says the holistic collection meets a desire expressed for years by customers.

“Legacy supply chain applications make the management of these end-to-end processes nearly impossible because integrated applications are inherently limited in their scope and resiliency,” he says.

The application can drill into labour productivity and robotic performance, respond to real-time shipment alerts and navigate through shipments viewing the real-time status of an order.

“Because all of the microservices are versionless, our customers benefit from our growing list of unified use cases over time,” Brian says.

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