Adiona wins $250,000 NSW COVID-19 resilience grant


Australian logistics and delivery AI platform Adiona Tech has won a $250,000 COVID-19 Resilience Grant from the NSW Government.

Adiona won the equity-free investment for its service that automates and optimises large numbers of deliveries to create more efficient fleets.

Adiona uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help shippers and carriers.

The technology comes from research at UNSW and currently powers global deliveries for parcel, retail, FMCG, grocery and furniture manufacturers.

Stuart Ayres, Minister for Jobs, Investment and Tourism, says the government initiative is designed to encourage research and development solutions.

“By backing businesses and driving innovation all across NSW, we’re helping to stimulate the economy, grow industries and create jobs,” he says.

Dr Larry Marshall, Chief Executive of CSIRO, congratulated Adiona, a former participant in the CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub. The hub allows small businesses to work alongside the national science agency for tailored commercialisation and engineering support.

“CSIRO’s commitment to NSW includes working with government, research and business partners across the state to turn more world-class science into real-world solutions that create jobs and benefit for all of NSW,” Larry says.

Richard Savoie, Co-Founder and CEO of Adiona Tech, says that it is an honour to receive the grant.

“It is very validating for Investment NSW to back our Australian-made technology as a way to create economic and supply chain resilience in the wake of COVID-19,” Richard says. “Adiona Tech’s team is excited to accelerate our development and market reach through the use of these funds.”

He says that Adiona’s platform is a key to optimising the efficiency of the supply chain for the benefit of economy and society.

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow for shippers and carriers to be connected in new, automated, efficient ways that haven’t previously been possible,” Richard says. “Doing this, we can dramatically increase vehicle utilisation and margins, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more resilient supply chain to the benefit of the Australian economy and society.”

The Innovation Districts Challenges program is part of an $11 million innovation scale-up commitment, designed to support business communities across NSW to develop innovations.

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