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The June edition of MHD Supply Chain Solutions is out now. Read on to discover what’s in this month’s edition, and follow the link to access the complete magazine on Issuu. 

In April, Australia Post released data showing that in the 12 months to March 2021 there had been 56.7 per cent growth in e-commerce. Given the events of the last year, such a finding is unlikely to surprise the discerning readers of MHD. The question on retailers’ lips, however, is: ‘Will this last?’ Is the e-commerce spike a temporary phenomenon or here to stay?
Many of the experts MHD talked to for this issue are of the view that COVID-19 merely accelerated the upward trend in e-commerce, and that there’s no going back to the way things were. If they are right, we must join Microlistics’ Archival Garcia and uTenant’s Kyle Rogers in re-imagining our approach to warehousing, industrial property, and the whole supply chain in general.
A March survey, also conducted by Australia Post, found that one in five shoppers chose one retailer over another because they saw them as more environmentally friendly. Craig Stanford, Director of Active Supply Chains, thinks that such considerations – ethical and environmental – will come to play a bigger role in the decisions of consumers going forward and that the era of “Google ratings warriors” is upon us – with the buyer empowered as never before to make or break reputations with the stroke of a keyboard.
But enough speculating about the future – some companies already seem to be there.
Canadian firm Avidbots are forging ahead with a fleet of fully self-automated cleaning robots that will be putting the finishing touches on your warehouse floor while you’re still figuring out how to use the water cooler. Meanwhile, the team over at Fuzzy LogX are already busy creating 3D virtual warehouse simulations and game-planning for scenarios that won’t have occurred to the rest of us in 10 years’ time.
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