DHL expands Asia Pacific Export Compliance Centre


DHL Express will hire 40 per cent more export compliance officers at its Asia Pacific Export Compliance Centre (APECC) in Malaysia by the end of this year.

The company, which moves over 480 million shipments a year globally, has strict measures in place to ensure shipments through its network comply with legal and regulatory frameworks in line with United Nations, European, the U.S., global and local regulations on sanctions or denied parties.

Ken Lee, CEO of DHL Express Asia Pacific, says the APECC plays a pivotal role in ensuring that good corporate governance and stringent compliance to export regulations are fully integrated into DHL’s business and operations.

“More than a million shipments pass through our global network daily. To remain the provider-of-choice, it’s critically important that we stay on top of regulatory changes across the 40 markets in the region so that we deliver the best service to our customers,” he says.

The APECC was established in 2015 to ensure shipments through the network are compliant with evolving international shipping regulations.

Export compliance officers at the Centre are globally certified by the International Compliance Association, the leading professional body for global regulatory and financial crime compliance.

Raymond Yee, Vice President of Customs and Regulatory Affairs, DHL Express Asia Pacific, says shipping across borders is a complex process involving regulations and requirements that are applied by different countries and agencies.

“Being on top of this is key to ensuring that DHL continues to be the provider of choice and our global network is secure and compliant. Our customers look to us to set these standards to ensure uninterrupted trade,” Raymond says.

The Asia Pacific Export Compliance Centre is one of the three centers globally, with one located in Europe and another in Central America.

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