SPAR Australia transforms Brisbane DC with the help of Jungheinrich Australia

SPAR Australia DC

SPAR Australia has partnered with Logistics solutions provider Jungheinrich Australia to upgrade its distribution centre (DC) in Brisbane’s south.

A state of the art, purpose-built narrow aisle multi-bay racking solution will be used in different temperature zones for 18,000 pallet positions.

For the past twenty years, SPAR Australia’s Head Office and Dry Goods department have been operating from a multipurpose facility, subsequently working with third-party logistics (3PL) partners to cover Chilled & Freezer requirements.

The project with Jungheinrich Australia will bring all of its operations under one 13,400 sqm facility.

Christian Wurzinger, Director of Logistic Systems for Jungheinrich Australia says SPAR will enjoy efficiency gains by working off one system with an in-house racking system for different temperature zones, giving them ultimate control over inventory.

“We are pleased that a racking project of such magnitude will be implemented by SPAR Australia,” he says.

“Due to its size and coverage of multiple warehouse zones under one roof, this project is significant on a Queensland level and also throughout Australia.”

A narrow aisle multi-bay selective racking solution will be installed in the ambient zone, chiller, freezer and special goods areas of the warehouse.

Jungheinrich Australia expects minimum growth of between 30-50% in each warehouse area.

The racking design has been based on the Australian Pallet racking standard with local implementation management and resources.

The DC will begin operations from March 2022.

Jungheinrich has already worked on several significant SPAR material handling equipment, warehousing, and material flow engineering projects. The two organisations are working together on two large-scale racking installations in Austria as well as a racking and Very Narrow Aisle MHE project in the UK.

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