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Over the last year, much has been made of the phenomenon of “long COVID”, where sufferers experience symptoms extending into the weeks and months. As it turns out, the supply chain and logistics industry must also deal with long-term ramifications from the virus.

COVID-19 has changed the way consumers demand goods as well as the way managers and decision makers utilise their resources.

In that connection, homegrown company Adiona Tech is honing its route optimisation platform to cut down on vehicle under-utilisation and overall travel distances so that goods – including medical supplies – can get to destination faster and cheaper (see page 28). Adiona was recently awarded a grant by the New South Wales Government for their innovative approach to solving COVID-related supply chain issues.

In this edition of MHD, Bastian’s Tony Richter says the industry was already struggling to attract strong homegrown talent before the pandemic hit, and that border closures and international restrictions have only exacerbated the underlying issue. He says that some industry re-branding, as well as a closer alliance between supply chain educators and supply chain professionals, will be necessary to get talented professionals in the industry door – and to keep them in (see page 21).

But if you’re lucky (or clever) enough to have got your talent, then Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) has some ideas about how to give them the best and most efficient employee experience possible (see page 54). UKG’s Gideon Joseph says that an organisation’s people are its most competitive asset, and that a flexible, unified workforce management solution is essential – on both the management and worker sides – to keeping everyone happy, healthy, and productive. 

Many people we’ve interviewed over the past few months have also noted the need for more flexible third-party logistics (3PL) solutions to cater to flexible and varying demand in wake of COVID-19. But Peter Jones of Cological says the downside of outsourcing your logistics operation is that you invest in systems which aren’t actually yours – and might not be perfectly calibrated to your needs (see page 38). That’s why Cological is offering “two and a half party logistics”, or 2.5PL, where its team comes in-house to run the show – improving operations while keeping your company plugged-in to the various improvements that are made.

Whether your organisation is suffering its own form of long COVID, or just needs to guard its immune system against the shock of future supply chain disruptions, this issue of MHD is chock-full of ideas and solutions for the savvy decision maker.

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