Keeping track of racks and high value goods with IoT-enabled solutions


Glass manufacturer Weha-Therm has deployed an IoT-enabled asset tracking solution to get real-time visibility to the location of transportation racks across its logistics stages. The move has reduced theft and loss, increased rack utilisation, improved inventory planning, and reduced supply chain bottlenecks.

Glass and window manufacturers, like the German market leader Weha-Therm, use special transport racks to deliver high-value, fragile products, to customers. Once shipments are received, customers return the empty racks. Getting a precise, up-to-date view of the entire asset fleet to optimise operational processes is challenging, as racks may be mishandled, not returned on time, or lost. Weha-Therm wanted to solve this problem with real-time location information on all its transport racks.

Weha-Therm implemented an IoT solution from BOX ID Systems to remotely track individual racks in real-time. The end-to-end IoT location tracking solution, connected to the global 0G Network, powered by Sigfox technology, includes tracking devices and a specialised data analytics platform. The solution provides 100 percent transparency to racks, anytime and anywhere. Fitting maintenance-free devices with many years of battery-life was easy and cost-effective.

The battery-operated trackers have a maintenance-free service life of up to seven years and are easily retrofitted to existing racks.. BOX ID System’s data platform turns the data into actionable insights and tracks the entire fleet of racks in real-time. It offers many functions that simplify rack management, such as the automatic creation of a continuous fleet inventory showing each asset’s location and its associated customer information.

The benefits of real-time visibility are clear and easy to measure. The overall loss ratio of racks is significantly reduced. Customer mishandling, such as using racks for their own purposes, are easily and instantly identified and actioned. Cumbersome, manual, error-prone tracking processes are replaced with automated, remote-monitoring requiring no on-site staff. Finally, higher rack utilisation rates and faster rotations reduce the need for capital expenditure.

Thinxtra, The IoT Telco, operates the national 0G Network, powered by Sigfox in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and partners with solution providers to unlock the benefits of low cost, low maintenance asset tracking solutions. For a manufacturer and distributor like Weha-Therm, the ability of the 0G Network to support two-way communication over long distances outdoors as well as indoors, and enabling many years of battery life for the IoT tracker device, was crucial to realise the business benefits.

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