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Long-term investment in specific cleaning equipment is sometimes out of reach for businesses in the logistics industry. MHD talks to Conquest Equipment about how its hire system helps accommodate for seasonal needs and sporadic spills in the warehouse. 

Conquest Equipment is on a mission to constantly evolve in line with its customers’ needs.

The Australian family-owned business started providing industrial cleaning equipment in warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the 1970s. 

Since then, Conquest has placed an emphasis on being behind the customer all the way, which is why they recently expanded their equipment hiring system. 

Andrew Dillon, Sydney-based Key Account Manager at Conquest, says the ability to hire equipment for as little as one day or for as long as required, gives businesses the opportunity to scale. 

“The logistics industry is seeking flexibility- we’ve seen over the last 18 months especially that things can change rapidly and the freedom to scale with the needs of the business is really important,” he says. “Hiring allows you to bring in specialist equipment to respond to specific situations without committing to a much larger financial investment.”

Andrew says seasonal deep cleans over the Christmas break are extremely common for logistics customers, as well as hiring equipment for stocktakes, order preparation, client visits and end of lease make-goods. Facilities also might not have the in-house resources to clean mess caused by unpredictable wild weather, warehouse spills or flooding. 

“We focus on providing for very specific channels,” he says. “The hiring model solves a lot of challenges, especially in the logistics space.”

Andrew Dillon, Key Account Manager at Conquest.

Staying true to its motto, Conquest applies an onboarding process to the sale of its equipment to ensure the customer isn’t left in the dark over operating confusions.

Andrew says this customer service applies to the hiring system as well.

“We make a recommendation based on the customer’s needs and provide operator training via videos or over the phone – whatever makes it stick,” he says.

Flexibility seeps through to the transportation of the equipment as well. 

For those seeking contact free hire, Conquest delivers the machine to an agreed delivery point, and collects again from the same location. However, the company offers direct delivery options and hires trailers for businesses without the equipment to transport the heavy-duty machines.  

“The delivery and collection of equipment can’t be a constraint. When you’re providing this quick fix for customers, you can’t introduce headaches.”

Conquest has expanded its hire fleet to meet a surge in demand across Australia. Andrew has seen a shift in warehouse managers and operators’ placing an onus on keeping the facility clean. 

“Employers have felt more responsible to make sure they’re providing a safe and clean working environment for staff,” he says. “With the importance of first impressions of a facility being noted around the industry, specialised cleaning equipment is being used more and more.”

Conquest’s hire fleet is now available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and most recently Adelaide. The company has also added more equipment, such as trailer mounted hot pressure water cleaners, large capacity combination sweeper/scrubbers and electric outdoor cleaning machines. 

Andrew adds that each of these solutions fill distinct gaps within the market. The hot pressure water cleaner provides a deeper clean than alternative options, and is one of the company’s most popular units for hiring in the warehouse space.

The trailer-mounted cleaner is used for hard-to-reach surfaces, as well as deep clean applications like removing forklift tread marks from the warehouse floor. 

“The machine is a big mover because it’s fantastic for vertical and horizontal surfaces that traditional scrubbers can’t reach,” he says. “It can be mounted onto a tow vehicle, so it’s easily moved around the facility.”

The hot water pressure cleaner, as well as the new EcoMax 100, provides solutions to outdoor and indoor problems. Andrew says purchasing cleaning equipment to maintain just the outdoor area of a business isn’t always feasible, given the irregular requirements. 

“It’s important not to neglect the outdoor area as well,” he says. “A warehouse might have a lot of roadway or hardstand which needs a powerful sweeper to clean.” 

Andrew Dillon, Key Account Manager at Conquest.

And the outdoor solutions range help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The zero emission EcoMax 100 pavement sweeper uses battery technology, delivering up to eight hours of continuous operation on a single charge. The machine is capable of a 6.5kmh maximum speed and 5000 sqm of coverage per hour. 

The EcoVac 240 is another eco-friendly addition, providing contact-free collection of waste and debris. 

“The street litter vacuum uses an interchangeable 240-litre wheelie bin waste collection system,” he says. “The machine is operated by one person and has up to 18 hours of continuous run-time, which is as efficient as five manual labour operators.”

Andrew credits the success of Conquest Hire to keeping the process as simple as possible for the customer. 

“We don’t send them a huge draft of documents that need to be filled in,” he says. “Warehouse managers are always busy. It’s a one-page agreement, we keep it simple and provide the flexibility for the most effective cleaning solutions.”

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